dr Goranka Španović-Zvezdin, dječiji kardiolog

dr Goranka Španović-Zvezdin, dječiji kardiolog

1. Name, father's name and surname: Goranka, Georgije, Spanovic

2. Birth date and place, address: 17. 06. 1965. Zagreb, Croatia; Augusta Cesarca 5/19, Novi Sad, Serbia

3. Years of admission to studies, and completion: 1985; April 1991.

4. Faculty and University: Medical University of Zagreb, Croatia

5. Years of admission to studies, and completion of specialization studies (area), faculty/university: 1993. – 1998. Pediatric specialization. Medical University in Novi Sad, Serbia. Pediatric cardiology Specialization (narrow): 2000-2002, Medical University, Belgrade.

6. Year of admission to Master Studies, faculty/university: 2002, Medical University in Novi Sad.

7. Title of Master's Thesis and year of defense: “Prenatal diagnostics of obstructive heart diseases,” 2002.

8. Doctor degree studies 2008-2010.

The candidate has worked:

From 1993. until 2010. in Novi Sad, in the University's Children's Hospital, Novi Sad, Serbia at the Department of pediatric intensive care and the Department of pediatric cardiology.

From 2006. until 2010. in Novi Sad, in the Medical University, as an assistant professor at the chair of pediatrics.

From 2011. until 2014. in Haugesund, in the hospital of Helse-Fonna, Norway.

From 2015. until 2018. in Drammen, in the hospital of Vestre Viken, Norway.

Bibliographic details of professional and scientific works:

1. During elementary studies

2. During specialization, master or doctor studies:

  Works published in their entirety:

1. SPANOVIC, G.;NIKOLIC, N.; MIJIC, S.; JOVANOVIC-PAUNOVIC, S.”Hematological values at twins.” Yugoslavian pediatric days, 96’, including international participation. Nis 335-337: Collection of papers

R65 (0.5)

2. SPANOVIC, G.; NIKOLIC, N.” Correlation of acid-base statuses, gas analysis and ROP.” Newspapers in perinatal medicine. Uzice (Serbia) 1997:64: Collection of papers

R65 (0.5)

3. KONSTANTINIDIS, G; VILOTIJEVIC, G; SPANOVIC G. ” Pathofysiological and clinical manifestations of acidosis in critically ill newborns” News in perinatal medicine, Uzice (Serbia)1997 :65-67 Collection of papers

R65 (0.5)

4. KRSTIC, A.; KANJUH, V.; SPANOVIC G. “The genetics of congenital heart diseases” – Yugoslavian pediatric school – First five years. Novi Sad 2002: 495-502: Collection of papers

R65 (0.5)

Works published in the excerpt:

1. PAVLOVIC, V.; KONSTANTINIDIS, SPANOVIC, G. “Congenital heart disease s- A significant problem of perinatal health care. Jubilee Symposium of the Perinatal Medicine Section of the Serbian Medical Society. Belgrade 1998: 39: Collection of summaries

R73 (0.2)

2. KRSTIC, A.; KRSTIC, J.; JOVANOVIC, I.; V.; KAVECAN, I.; REDZEK-MUDRINIC, T.; SPANOVIC, G. “Congenital heart diseases- genetic aspects.” 4th Balkan meeting on human genetics. Novi Sad 2000: 23: Collection of Summaries

R72 (0.5)

3. ZVEZDIN, A.; PETKOVIC, L.; SPANOVIC, G.; “Developmental displacement of the hip in newborns and infants – systematic sonoscreening.” European congress of radiology. Vienna 2002: 456: abstracts

R72 (0.5)

4. KATANIC, D.; SPANOVIC, G.; MILIC-GEORGIJEVIC, LJ.; VLASKI, J “Prolapse + migraine + collapses = one condition: laxitas.” 14th Congress of cardiologists of Serbia and Montenegro, with international participation. Belgrade 2003: 123: Summaries of papers

R73 (0.2)

5. SPANOVIC, G.; JOVANOVIC, I.; PAREZANOVIC, V.; “Perinatal diagnostics of obstructive heat lesions” – European cardiology congress. Vienna 2004. Summaries of papers

R73 (0.5)

6. ZVEZDIN, A.; SPANOVIC, G.; “The importance of normal and and anomalous internal spermatic vein confluence in interventional treatment for varicocele” – European radiology congress. Vienna 2004.

R72 (0.5)

Index of completion: 7.4

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